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Dark Khaos Fae

Welcome to my World

Khaos Faerie
16 April 1984
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I'm a college student studying Psychology trying to get through life having Type 1 Diabetes, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, panic attacks and social phobias. Trying attending a college that requires a learning team project/presentation for every class and you have panic attacks giving presentations.

I am a practicing Pagan, eclectic in my studies. Lately I have been studying Chaos Magick and Russian/Slavic deities. I work with tarot and runes a lot as well.

I love to go to clubs especially Area 51 here in Salt Lake City, UT. They have a gothic club downstairs and another club upstairs. I'm an artist trying to sell my work which has been pretty difficult because there are so many artists here in Salt Lake City. I'm doing pretty well though. I'm going to start selling them on Ebay. Right now I'm trying to sell a hard to find tarot deck there. I use my husband's account for it.

I'm always looking for pen pals. I love to write snail mail or email. Email though is a lot easier for me because I'm constantly working on the computer.

I am married but getting an annulment soon so I can be with my true love. No kids but do have 1 furkids. I have a cats: Khaos.

Khaos in a bag

Khaos in a Bag

sitting Khaos

Sitting Khaos


Bipolar Mom's


My Livejournal is friends only due to the fact I have had problems with people spamming me or ones who want to get as many people as they can to be on their friends list. I do look at everyone's profile and journal before adding you. This isn't to be mean or anything, I just value my privacy. Thanks for understanding.

Bisexuality is Real.
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